StartUp Product Design Campaign” is a ProtoTech Workbench concept dedicated to starters with innovative ideas for brand new products. We sustain new products development by providing professional design and engineering services.

If you are looking for a professional product design service to join you in your Kickstarter Campaign or other fundraising campaigns, we can help you. Just get in touch with us and we would be glad to help you succeed.

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Share us your idea by providing some drawings, similar products and explanations. You can find a useful guideline of how to work with an engineer here.

Product Design

In this stage we will do 3D modeling, design, concept and calculations

You will receive the 3D model files, drawings for manufacturing and renderings

This stage includes:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Optimisation Design
  • Virtaul Testing and Simulation (FEA, NVH, numerical simuation)
  • Engineering Calculation

This is all you need to move forward to prototype/manufacturing stage


In this stage we do prototyping based on the 3D models and file generated in the product design stage.

At this point we will be able to provide you a quotation for the prototyping stage and you can decide if you would like to do prototype with us or other company

Manufacturing Service Inquiry

We can represent your interests in front of the manufacturing service providers. We have close collaborations with manufacturers so we can assist you for choosing the right manufacturer for your project

Get ready to work with an engineering company

“Start-Up Product Design Campaign” is powered by ProtoTech Workbench ( / along with it’s partners with which we sustain innovation and technological development.

This campaign was developed around the entrepreneurs needs and demands for CAD/CAM/CAE services.
It was found that many consumers came up with very interesting improvement ideas for their daily-use equipments. In most of cases, an average consumer with high vision for business and product development is limited by insufficient funds and skills to get their ideas on market. In order to cover the founding needs it was created the concept of “Crowdfunding”, “Business Angles”, “Founding Hubs” and other founding sources. “Start-Up Product Design Campaign” is a supplement to Crowdfunding source, “Start-Up Product Design Campaign” add engineering and design expertise.
By applying to “Start-Up Product Design Campaign”, a team of engineers will assist the entire process of the product development (conception – design – realistic renderings – documentation – founding stage – manufacturing service inquiry – manufacturing approval).

“Start-Up Product Design Campaign” is dedicated to all persons and entities with low to no experience in product development so other important values that the team behind this campaign must have are: flexibility, patience, ability to turn professional terms into layman’s communication, ability to represent the clients interest in front of it’s providers (manufacturers, prototyping services, supplying services, transport services, notify bodies) and in front of its clients (distributors, stores, marketplaces etc.)

Our Performance

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