Product Design

Product Design is the process that helps companies to create, develop and optimise new products or new versions of existing products.

The purpose of Product Design is to blend user experience with business goals in order to create successful products

Product Designers are challenged to satisfy the requirements from client and the requirements from market. The end product needs to be aesthetically appealing, UX optimised, cost-effective from manufacturing point of view and manufacturable.

UX Optimisation for Products

The Product UX is crucial because it can make the product delightful and easy to use. Final users love products that are easy and efficient.

UX Optimisation is a long process that start from Concept Phase, to Prototype to Post-Selling Stage of a product life-cycle.

The product designer needs to be present and consider improving UX of it’s product though the entire process. However, the product designer should be the first person to test the prototype.

A good product designer starts doing the concept having UX on mind and, contrary as you may expect, the design is to be improved continuously. An experienced product designer know that, the a perfect UX integrated in concept stage is not enough. Doesn’t matter how good the concept seem to be, the UX needs to be improved in every single stage of the product design and development stage

Manufacturing Optimisation

Manufacturing optimisation is the discipline of finding the best solution that leads to an efficient manufacturing process.

It’s true that each material requires it’s a specific manufacturing methodology and, by optimising the product for manufacturing, we are referring to creating a design that uses the less resources without affecting the integrity of the product. In example, for plastic mold injection we will try to avoid usage of side-cores which would just increase the tooling costs. 

Usually, we take care of this kind of optimisations in the concept stage to be sure that we will achieve a flawless development process


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