Industrial Design Process

Client will brief the designer with basic requirements. The brief may include explanations, rough sketches, similar products and any graphics or information that could help the designer understand the client’s vision.

The designer will do a research and will create concept designs, maybe some quick 3D printed parts and a preliminary Bill of Materials. The scope of the mock-up is to validate the general architecture of the product and it’s aesthetics according to client’s vision.

The delivery files:

  • 3D Models (.stp, .stl, .obj or similar)
  • 2D Drawings (.pdf)
  • Assembly Drawing (.pdf)
  • Bill of Material (.pdf)
  • Renderings (.jpg, .png)

Client will receive the files from designer and will analyse them. If the files are accordingly, we will move forward to next phase. Otherwise, together we will do tweaks and improvements until both parts are satisfied.

The design review can be done by client alone or together with the designer during an online video call with screen sharing.

By request, the prototype can be made here at ProtoTech Workbench. The files are universal and compliant with any 3D prototype service so the client can use any local shop.

ProtoTech Workbench has 3D Printers from Ultimaker along with a other basic features including polishing capabilities, welding, bending, cutting assembling  and so on. We also collaborate with vendors for metal forming, machining or small or large production.

Once the prototype is approved and when the client is ready to move to mass production, a design must pass through a manufacturing optimisation  phase in which the designer will do the required procedures over the design to make it compliant with manufacturing methodologies, conformity approvals and manufacturer tools.

After launching, the client will receive continuous feedback from market. The feedback is valuable and can be used for continuous improvements.

A successful product requires constant upgrades and newer versions.

Each client and project is unique and deserves a custom process. It is important for us to know the scope of your project.

Weather if you are looking for a prototype for Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other fundraising campaign or if you are looking for a product ready for mass production, we need to know.

Please contact us and we will find the best Industrial Design Process for you