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ProtoTech Workbench Company is an international engineering service provider with expertise in CAD/CAM/CAE, product and mechanical design, technical documentation, design for prototyping and research service.


Our company was created to cover the market’s need for a flexible and affordable engineering service. Therefor in 2014, ProtoTech Workbench was set up as an engineering service provider which services were dedicated for entrepreneurs placed on their very beginnings. At that time, we were able to serve our clients with full engineering design services, from concept, patent, design, prototype assistance and manufacturing inquiry. In most of the cases, our clients preferred us to represent them in front of their prototype and manufacturing vendors. Consequently, this experience give us the ability to understand our clients needs, therefor we can act accordingly.


Now we are international leaders in CAD engineering services. Because of our flexibility and communication skills, we score a quick growth in terms of team size and service quality.

Our mission is to provide full services from sketch to market for our clients, including research over the target consumer behavior for ergonomics feature of the product, market requirements analysis, technical analysis of the similar product from competitors, mock-up concept, design and development and manufacturer inquiry, all of the services will take in account costs effectiveness.


Our goal is to create a work environment where anyone can feel free to turn a simple idea into reality. This projection involves services like: concept, design, prototype, low quantity manufacturing and manufacturing inquiry.

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We add valuable engineering skills in any of your clients and partners businesses, treating any partnership with the same respect and professionalism.

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