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We have a specialized team of designers who focus on the conceptual industrial design that transform your vision into a successful product.

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We will support your dream with a complete set of industrial design services including concept generation, CAD modeling, design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping and optimization for mass manufacturing

ManagemenT & consultancy

Our client service team is ready to represent you in front of your other vendors and manufacturers. We can take care of your product from sketch to post-selling stage.

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Our client service professionals are happy to talk with you about the your vision. Get a free quotation and let's get the industrial design started.


We will use the best route for you to achieve your goal in the most effective way: concept, patent*, CAD and engineering, prototype, optimisation, manufacturing

Launch and capitalize

Start your fundraising campaigns and/or start selling your product. We can also provide you post-selling industrial design services.

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It has never been easier to access and explore the unlimited benefits of unsing industrial design services