Mechanical Design and CAD Drafting Service

We do CAD drafting, mechanical engineering and design, numerical simulation, motion study, energetic calculation and optimisation, mechanics and mechatronics, robotics, automation.

Product Design Manufacturing Engineering

We do drafting, 3D CAD models and 2D drawings with complete technical specifications for manufacturing. We have expertise areas like injection molding or CNC machining process

Documentation, Engineering Consultancy

We do complete research for you over the end user's profile in order to develop designs that meet ergonomic and practical requirements. We deliver full technical reports for our clients.

Photorealistic Renderings, Assembly Animations

We do photorealistic renderings with surface polish, textures and materials applied. We simulate the look and feeling of the final manufactured product. This also validates ergonomics.

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Value and Designs

We deliver engineering solution and valuable designs in equivalent of a fair price.

We take in account our value level and client’s needs when we prepare the quotations and time estimations. Our CAD drafting service is available for any client from start-up to corporations.

Engineering Solutions

Our company news

We share our engineering expertise with the community through our news section:

How to work with an engineering company

This guideline tries to explain how a future CAD drafting service customer should prepare his self for an eventually collaboration with a company in this field. In this article we are referring to engineering service with expertise in product design, manufacturing engineering and mechanical and electronics engineering.

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3D Printer (FDM) Shopper Guideline

This article is useful for 3d printer buyer with low to no expertise in this field. The article tries to explain the main features that any future user should focus on before purchasing a 3D printer machine either for his/her personal usage or for his/her rapid prototyping business.

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What our clients say about our work

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